Health and Safety:

All adults and children are required to wash their hands with soap and water before entering the play area and before snack.

Children attending are required to have a completed D.C. health/immunization form and adults who attend regularly are required to have a health clearance and a TB test.

Peanuts, tree nuts, raw honey, and meat products are not allowed at Intown. Parents are advised to inform the Director in writing if their child has a food allergy.

All parents will receive an Intown Handbook containing a complete discussion of all Intown policies and procedures. A parent orientation meeting is also held before playgroup begins in September.

Duty Day Parents:

As part of our co-op, parents are asked to volunteer at Intown in a role we call "duty parents". We have two parents daily who volunteer for 2 hours in the morning. You will be asked to serve as duty parent 9-10 times a year. Parents find this provides a wonderful way to join their child while giving them an opportunity to meet other parents in the playgroup.

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