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About Our Intown Playgroup

Welcome to Intown Playgroup, a school for Toddlers and Parents and Caregivers, where children ages one and two learn and grow through play and discovery, and where families come together to learn about their children and early childhood education, and to support each other. For over 40 years Intown Playgroup has been part of the Georgetown community in Washington, DC, gratefully housed in the historic Mount Zion Methodist Church.

Our program introduces children to the bigger world of social experiences, nurturing them in the stage between playing at home and going off to school by themselves. Our full-time Director and her staff of 2 full-time teachers believe in an emergent curriculum inspired by the Reggio Philosophy, which is negotiated between what interests the children and what adults highlight to extend toward a greater depth of learning.

We are a parent cooperative, where parents are an essential part of our community. A parent or caregiver accompanies each child during his or her school day, playing and learning alongside each other.  Parents also volunteer their time to serve on the Board of Directors and participate in other special events.  Intown Playgroup is a licensed, non-profit 510c(3) corporation that is financially supported through tuition payments and run by the Board of Directors and staff.

Explore our website to learn more about our school and the admissions process.

Intown Playgroup does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin or religion.